Obediah’s Okefenok

The legendary ‘King-of-the-Okefenokee’

Exhibits & Displays

Explore many different avenues while touring the park. Over 20 structures are included in the outline of the homestead. Two museums and a load of animal species are on exhibit here.

Some of our popular attractions below are bold

mashMoonshine Still
Furnace Shed & Syrup Boiler
Hog Gallows
Original Two Seater Outhouse
Potato House
1870’s Historic Log Cabin & Kitchen
Smoke House
Grist Mill
Blacksmith Shop
Rail Road Exhibit
Livestock Barn
Wagon Barn & Farm Equipment
Cotton & Cypress Shingle display
picnicexhibitTurpentine Exhibit
3/D Melton Museum & Antiques
Corn Cribb
Sugar Cane Mill
Champion Pecan Tree
SE Native American Exhibit
(circa 1780-1820)



outsidefamily re1 mile Nature Trail & Wildlife Refuge
Picnic Area
Over 1400 ft. of Boardwalks
Family Pavilion
Southern Showcase Stage
Gift Shoppe



Experience an Educational Venture through Exhibits of the living and non-living World of native and exotic animals that reside in homes here including:

Chickens & Turkeys
Guinea Pigs
Cockatiels & Zebra Finches
Guineas & Wood Ducks
Piney Woods Rooter

All at Obediah’s Okefenok, Waycross, Georgia