Obediah’s Okefenok

The legendary ‘King-of-the-Okefenokee’

Exhibits & Displays

Explore many different avenues while touring the park. Over 20 structures are included in the outline of the homestead. Two museums and more than 55 animal species are on exhibit here.

Some of our popular attractions below are bold

mashgator WM OkefenokMoonshine Still
Furnace Shed & Syrup Boiler
Hog Gallows
Original Two Seater Outhouse
Potato House
1870’s Historic Log Cabin & Kitchen
Smoke House
Grist Mill
Blacksmith Shop
Rail Road Exhibit
Livestock Barn
Wagon Barn & Farm Equipment
Cotton & Cypress Shingle display
picnicexhibitTurpentine Exhibit
3/D Melton Museum & Antiques
Corn Cribb
Sugar Cane Mill
Champion Pecan Tree
SE Native American Exhibit
(circa 1780-1820)

Critter Center & Reptile House
Wild Animals & Wildlife Exhibits


outsidefamily re1 mile Nature Trail & Wildlife Refuge
Picnic Area
Over 1400 ft. of Boardwalks
Family Pavilion
Southern Showcase Stage
Gift Shoppe



Experience an Educational Venture through Exhibits of the living and non-living World of native and exotic animals that reside in homes here including:

goatpeacock USGoats & Emus
Chickens & Turkeys
Guinea Pigs
Cockatiels & Zebra Finches
Guineas & Wood Ducks
Piney Woods Rooter
Peacocks & Pheasants

All at Obediah’s Okefenok, Waycross, Georgia